Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chicaco's life story with Shiatsu 1

I have been a Shiatsu therapist for 9 years and still love giving and receiving Shiatsu

as freshly as when I had a Shiatsu treatment for the first time.

Back then, it was a big commitment with courage for me to take the program to become

a Shiatsu therapist after my divorce and my financial situation.

However, the impact from my first shiatsu treatment totally inspired me and wanted to

learn the technique no matter what it takes!

I was taking the short workshop to learn English style of reflexology, Aromatherapy

and Shiatsu at the same time, and Shiatsu was the least interest for me as I always

thought "Shiatsu is painful and a treatment for old people" ...

and my experience was different of course.

I always had tight, stiff body since high school and stiff shoulders annoyed me all the time.

During the 2 week of short shiatsu workshop, I experienced instant stiffness-free which

I carried for 20 years within my body.  I've tried so many therapies in the past as I was always

experiencing pain and stiffness physically and mentally. And that was gone in 2 weeks!!!

Then I decided to take 2 year Diploma course to be professional.

This 2 year course was not just a shiatsu technique training, it was transformational

experience and healed my body and mind and brought aliveness in my life!

I experienced deep connection with classmates by practicing shiatsu which involves

touching physical bodies and building compassion with others. 

I remember, we all lied down in class and during the practice, we said "OH... Shiatsu is the best!

Feels so good!" and we laughed and had so much fun.  It was beautiful experience to share and offer

relaxation like that.  I was excited to share and expand this amazing, intimate experience with

more people who are looking for healing and optimal health.

And.... what is so special about Shiatsu?  Why Shiatsu?

The secret is "pressure points" , in Japanese we call "Tsubo" that is focused in Shiatsu.

It is magical and POWERFUL to feel tention and stress release when pressure points are

stimulated by hands and fingers and how freeing and peaceful after my stiffness was gone from

my body, cleared my head, got hungry as my organs started to function properly,

felt happy as my mood was up INSTANTLY!

All I can say is "Try it", "Feel it within your body" so that you know what I'm talking about!

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